General Education Program


Advising changes: to facilitate pre-Fall2019 students meeting C3 and D subarea requirements.  Refer to the Teach Out Plan for additional details.
All Area Content Criteria Available! : Check the resources page for A,B,C,D,or E area content criteria.
A3, C2, and UD C Passed!: Content criteria for areas A3, C2, and Upper Division C are now available in Resources.
The General Education (GE) program at SSU is going through changes: Be sure to check your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) and speak with your professional academic advisor or faculty advisor to understand your GE requirements.

The Sonoma State General Education and Seawolf Experience program provides students an intentional, coherent, inclusive undergraduate experience across multiple disciplinary perspectives, fostering broad transferable skills and integrated, engaged learning that position students to create and participate meaningfully and ethically in our interconnected and interdependent world.

The GE program consists of 48-units taken as coursework across five distribution areas A-E; this program is overseen by the GE Subcommittee. The Seawolf Experience consists of overlay coursework some of which is CSU-wide and some of which is SSU-specific.  Overlay courses are those that may also count towards a student’s GE requirements, major, minor, or elective units according to specifications outlined in the GE Curriculum.  Overlay courses that meet American Institution and CSU graduation writing requirements and SSU-specific overlays in sustainability and global awareness are overseen by the Overlay Subcommittee.  The Critical Race Studies overlay may transition to the GE program depending on implementation of AB 1460.

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