About the Project

The General Education Revision Subcommittee (GERS) is helping to lead an assessment and revision of the current GE program at SSU.

The Provost's Office and Educational Policies Committee formed the GE Revision Subcommittee in Spring 2018 and gve it the following charge:

The goal for this subcommittee will be to envision a possible model for a campus-wide GE program that builds upon the ideas and information gathered from the Spring 2018 faculty retreat, the recent GE Program Review, and relevant higher education resources. It is essential that subcommittee members be able to separatevthemselves from what they may consider personal/departmental/school-based stakes in GE, in order to think creatively about how best to re-imagine our campus GE program while preserving our best practices. The subcommittee will meet at least biweekly during the Spring term and will be financially supported to meet longer and more frequently during Summer 2018. Subcommittee members will be expected to consult with all University stakeholders (via interviews, surveys, focus groups, and/or other means), and regularly report to EPC as its official subcommittee. The subcommittee is expected to communicate with the broader academic community during the development process for iterative feedback as GE belongs to the greater campus community. As the subcommittee develops model curricula, it should regularly consult with key advising staff and administrators in order to identify potential pitfalls in advising plans, strategic alignment of budgeting and GE, and compliance with State and CSU requirements. The subcommittee should seek out official liaisons to serve in these capacities. Once the subcommittee’s task for revising SSU’s GE program is complete, it should be disbanded, and all primary oversight of managing the GE program returned to the existing GE Subcommittee.