Revision & Implementation

Why revise GE at Sonoma State?

Two major developments –one highly time-sensitive –precipitated a revision to Sonoma's GE Program:

  • Issuance of CSU Executive Orders 1100 and 1110 in August 2017
  • Recommendations from the GE Program Review, finalized in 2017-18.

Pathway towards revision

In March 2018, the Academic Senate Executive Committee created the GE Revision Subcommittee (GERS), under the Educational Policies Committee (EPC), to undertake the process of revising SSU's GE program. GERS members were appointed by the Academic Senate’s Structure & Functions Committee. All members were at-large, representing the entire campus community rather than their schools or departments.

In October 2018, GERS presented a proposal to revise GE to EPC. The proposal was informed by feedback provided from students and faculty, GE program review, campus listening tours, and best practices from across the nation. Members of EPC reviewed each item of the curriculum and discussed it individually, hearing opinions from committee members and visitors, thoughts and clarifications from members of GERS, and carefully examining written comments and concerns collected from constituents in our university community.

In April 2019, EPC finalized and submitted an amended proposal for GE revision to Academic Senate with an unanimous recommendation that Senate approve the new GE Program. At its meeting on May 16, Academic Senate amended and approved the new GE curriculum for SSU.

But the work isn't done!

It is expected that the new, approved GE program won't be fully implemented until 2021 because it contains many working parts to develop, deliver, and assess. Participation from all members of the campus community is essential to its success.