Part of the new General Education Program includes ongoing assessment of the General Education Learning Outcomes.

The goals of GE Assessment are to improve the GE program, and to improve student learning. GE Assessment is not intended to measure instructors' teaching or create more work for faculty.

Assessment Timeline

The GE Program is assessed on the same timeline as other SSU programs.  The GE Assessment Timeline is regularly updated to reflect development and piloting of assessment rubrics for the new GE Learning Outcomes.  Professional development opportunities are offered to faculty interested in developing or piloting these rubrics as members of GE assessment teams.  Announcements are sent via email.

Assessment Process

Assessment is built into the GE program through: 

  1. Issuing signature assignments in GE courses.
  2. Faculty submission of student work.
  3. Rubrics of learning outcomes designed by faculty.
  4. Faculty use of rubrics to assess student work.
  5. Faculty interpretation and dissemination of results of assessment.
  6. Using the results to improve program and student learning.

Learn about signature assignments



Contact Academic Programs to learn how to host a signature assignment workshop for your department.

Submit student work

Contact Jennifer Whiles Lillig, Interim Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies to submit student work for your GE courses.

See learning outcome rubrics

See assessment reports

See the report detailing the process for assessing student work related to learning outcomes Communication, Information Literacy, and Quantitative Reasoning.