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First-Year Learning Communities

Although FLCs should be conceptualized by faculty and students as a single year-long course, FLCs consist of two semesters with A and B suffixes. The A and B components of an FLC must be submitted on separate GE Revision Forms in Curriculog because of how Curriculog links to other systems at the University (e.g. scheduling, faculty contracting, student records, etc.). The FLC syllabus and FLC Course Content form will span the full year of the FLC. These can be added to either the A or B (or both) Curriculog entries. 

Second Year Experience

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Executive Orders

  • Executive Order 1100 - Executive order on CSU General Education Breadth Requirements
  • Executive Order 1110 - Executive order on Assessment of Academic Preparation and Placement in First-Year GE Written Communication and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Courses

Campus Resources

Throughout fall 2019 Sonoma State University has conducted workshops focused on the general education program. Members of the campus community may review the workshop materials below.